Kevin De Bruyne Is Great in the City Despite Not Appearing in European Matches

Kevin De Bruyne is a player who has an important position in Manchester City’s core squad. Since joining City in 2015 from Werder Bremen, De Bruyne has bagged 50 goals and 86 assists in the 209 total matches he has played.

Therefore, the departure of De Bruyne from City will certainly be a loss for City in their main squad. This is because there are no other players who can change the position of De Bruyne itself.

Rumors had arisen if De Bruyne will leave the City. But it was denied by him and said to settle in the City following a contract that was mutually agreed upon.

Prohibition of playing for 2 seasons

Manchester City was sentenced by UEFA in the form of being banned from playing in the Champions League for 2 seasons. Surely this is a problem for City itself because as one of the best teams in the Premier League, they also want to get a prestigious title in Europe.

The Citizen was sentenced because it was proven to violate the rules of the Financial Fair Play (FFP). Penalty for two seasons is certainly too long, both by the club and the players. From this, too, De Bruyne had thought back to his career in the City.

Sign a new contract

To prevent his players from leaving the club, City reportedly submitted contracts to their key players, one of whom was De Bruyne. De Bruyne himself still has a fairly long contract with City, which is until 2003.

De Bruyne himself is considered to be a City player who gets the second highest salary in the City squad. In the new contract proposed by City, reportedly contains an agreement in the form of a salary increase as well as a newer, longer contract.

Optimistic wins appeal

The Citizen has appealed the matter. The club itself believes that if the appeal they submit will be accepted and can reduce the penalty they get. Their hope, at least the City can reduce the punishment obtained for 1 season.

This is also a consideration for De Bruyne to continue to choose to stay in City. He felt if the club could win it. With a long period of play for 1 season, he also felt no objection to the sentence.

Rumors of a move to another club

Because the punishment handed down by UEFA to City prevented its players from competing in the elite league, many of the top clubs were prepared to accommodate them as berths and fugitives from City.

De Bruyne was briefly rumored to the news. Reportedly, even some giant clubs are eyeing and preparing to bring it in, such as Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The most important asset for City

De Bruyne is one of the most important assets owned by City today. Under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola, De Bruyne seems to be a general for the other City players.

Plus, about David Silva’s contract which will expire soon next season. The plan, the position of the captain who has been held by David Silva will be given to De Bruyne because it is more suitable and suitable than other players.

Barcelona is worried about a Hurricane Injury

Barcelona, one of the biggest football clubs, is thinking of a Barca hurricane injury problem now. 2019- 2020 Spanish League is targeted to be rolling again in June this year. Barcelona predicts that there will be a hurricane injury that befell them when the Spanish League competition starts again.

As we know, because of the coronavirus pandemic, Lionel Messi and friends last played on March 7 when they beat Real Sociedad 1-0 before the Spanish league was temporarily stopped due to the Coronavirus pandemic. That means Barcelona has not been competitive for at least two months.

Not only that, the Spanish government’s instructions that make all of the residents to stay at home just make the training of the players during quarantine not as intense as usual. The fitness level of Quique Setien’s team has certainly declined. sbobet online

Therefore, as reported by the US, Barcelona medical staff predict that at least 6-10 injuries will befall their squad in the first week after La Liga is again started. There will be some players who will get injury and the injuries are estimated not far from hamstring problems and joint problems.

There are several factors to consider. First, the players will feel ‘shocked’ by the high intensity of the game because they have already stopped playing several times. The other factor is the condition is certainly not 100 percent fit. Especially if training for the next month does not include preseason games that can make players familiarize themselves with the atmosphere of the match. The quarantine’s rule in the country makes them can’t do training too.

The second factor that causes a hurricane injury is because of a tight schedule after the coronavirus pandemic is over. A busy schedule, where they have to finish this season as soon as possible so as not to clash with next season’s schedule will also make players’ legs get tired quickly. Moreover, the depth of the main Barca squad is quite thin, which is only about 20 players.

The third factor that also causes a hurricane injury for all Barca players is because of the temperature of this country. This season will continue in the middle of the year, where temperatures are higher than usual. This also becomes a challenge for players. It can cause players to get sick more than when they play in the normal temperature or even in the cold temperature. 

The Fourth factor that is no less important, is the history of Barcelona’s injury this season. Only Frenkie De Jong and Antoine Griezmann were injured free and we find that the other players are getting sick because of some of the problems. Because of some of the factors above, Barca tries to prepare so many things to reduce the risk of injuries for some of their players. To reduce the risk of hurricane injuries, Barcelona will focus on the fitness of players in the initial training. The training schedule will be started as soon as possible. As we know training will really help all players to keep their body condition. Increasing the strength of players in the gym will be prioritized, before then training on the field. With all preparations, Barcelona hopes to be free from a Barca hurricane injury.